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Keep To The Code - Please Read and Acknowledge by Replying! by Shaliza
Ahoy mateys!  captainhook

This be the almighty code that you have to adhere to, when you register an account and post here. Please abide by these simple rules at all times.

1. You have to be at least 13 years old to be a member here. The reason being that the content will be PG -13 and therefore considered unsuitable for younger members.

2. The content HAS to be PG-13 or lower at all times. I can't stress this enough because mature content, posted directly on the forums, is a direct violation of the ProBoards terms of service. We don't want the board to be shut down, so please keep things PG-13 or lower. 

3. Avatars are currently set at a maximum size of 150 x 150 pixels. So if you upload anything larger than this, the forum will automatically resize it to the maximum dimensions. So keep to the predetermined size, please, if you don't want a distorted image. 

4. Signature images should be no larger than 700 pixels in length and 400 pixels in width, savvy? It's pretty annoying when someone's siggy banner is like 10 times larger than their actual post. So that's a big no-no.

5. Along the same lines, you're welcome to request things like avatars and siggy banners in the Photography & Art Gallery Forum. Please give credit when using graphics created by another member/staff. 

6. Please be respectful of others when you post. Remember, you can agree to disagree and be civil to one another at the same time. Posts that bash other members, movie stars, and what not, will not be tolerated, and will be deleted. 

7. Whenever possible, avoid one word posts, in all forums and threads, except in the Game Forum (Liar's Dice). Along the same lines, please avoid net speak. Certain well known abbreviations like LOL, LMAO, OTOH, BTW, etc, are ok, but things like LUV U are not, ok?  ;)

8. You may double, triple, quadruple post etc, in any of forums except in Liar's Dice. There's no point in playing games all by yourself, savvy? Otherwise, feel free to make as many back to back posts as you want. Just make sure that each post is interesting and contains varied information to prevent monotony. 

9. Any offenses will be sent as a warning to the poster. After three warnings, the offender will receive a temporary ban for one month. The ban will be removed afterwards if the member is willing to try again, and heed the warnings of the Admins/Mods. We don't relish the idea of having to ban anyone, so please, don't make us make you walk the plank, savvy?

10. If you notice someone violating the forum rules, please don't mini-Mod, and instead report the post in question. This feature will be available in any thread on the boards that is not locked. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a Mod. 

11. Please keep on topic when posting in the different forums. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away, but keep it to a minimum, savvy?

12. If there is a particular feature that is not working, or you have any comments or suggestions, please post in Questions/Comments/Suggestions forum. It's helpful when everyone can view it and come up with a solution. After all, two heads are better than one! 

13. You're more than welcome to promote another site in your siggy banner, avatar etc, as well as post a link in the Member Sites Forum. You may *not* however sign up at AKOE simply with the intent to PM other members to get them to sign up at another site. That's so not cool, and please don't do it.  nono

14. Finally... this is the place to engage in stimulating discussions, have good natured debates with your fellow crew members, and above all, have fun! 

Please reply to this thread and acknowledge that you have read/understood our rules. Thank you. 

~Shaliza  pirateflag


Welcome to the chat box! Enjoy getting to know your crew mates. Please keep it clean and keep it fun!
SkyFire Avatar
SkyFire: hugu :t4426: Feb 14, 2021 21:31:44 GMT -8
SkyFire Avatar
SkyFire: 142,000 doses of the phizer vaccine arrived in Canberra today! Feb 14, 2021 22:01:16 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: Aww... hugs to you too, ! hugu Feb 14, 2021 22:21:56 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: Glad your city got the vaccines. Hope they are able to vaccinate the high risk populations in a timely manner. HelpfulSmile Feb 14, 2021 22:22:22 GMT -8
SkyFire Avatar
SkyFire: Next Monday they start with the people dealing with new arrivals from overseas, then they move on to frontline medical staff. Feb 14, 2021 22:25:47 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: That's good that they have a sensible plan to help with effective vaccination. goodjob Feb 14, 2021 22:33:42 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: In my neck of the woods, they were running out of the second dose, so my own dentist was scrambling to find some place to get one. O_o Feb 14, 2021 22:34:14 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: I'm off to sleep now, but will be back to play later. ::9c9d2d6a-2404-4a5b-9878-d393706e52fc:: Feb 14, 2021 22:43:40 GMT -8
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Shaliza: Hello and good evening, all. jumping pirate Feb 15, 2021 18:08:43 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: Hope your week is off to a great start! :t3813: Feb 15, 2021 18:08:53 GMT -8
SkyFire Avatar
SkyFire: hugu pirateflag Feb 15, 2021 22:20:50 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: Hello . hugu Feb 15, 2021 23:09:11 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: Sorry I missed you. Was working on a new theme, LOL. gigglebug Feb 15, 2021 23:09:25 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: I'm off to sleep now, but will be back to play later. HelpfulSmile Feb 15, 2021 23:09:59 GMT -8
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lilac: <3<3 Wishing everyone a Wonderful Wednesday! ♥ Feb 17, 2021 4:29:57 GMT -8
lilac Avatar
lilac: :t3813: Super Saturday to ALL! Feb 20, 2021 12:31:59 GMT -8
Dazzal Avatar
Dazzal: ::8d18ef98-574d-4ffe-9d7e-7e8704a54c9c:: Oh Happy Evening To You! Smile for the cure! Feb 21, 2021 14:05:38 GMT -8
Shaliza Avatar
Shaliza: Hello and good afternoon, everyone. Hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday. ::ba748380-5be6-4934-9c2c-166f5f7ee236:: Feb 21, 2021 15:05:44 GMT -8
SkyFire Avatar
SkyFire: :hi: pirateflag Feb 21, 2021 21:02:07 GMT -8
kyngzindeyen Avatar
kyngzindeyen: Good morning :) ! Feb 27, 2021 3:27:41 GMT -8